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There are far too many exceptions and different types of people buying expensive vehicles of all types. It's really difficult to quantify this. People who guy a Merc E300 are going to be a different demographic than those buying M3s for example. Not all "expensive" cars are created equal. And there are plenty of "jerks" driving "regular" cars too, notably pickup trucks, cars for people with poor credit like Nissan/Kia, etc. There are far too many variables at play including the country such studies get conducted in. The demographics of people differ as do the cars sold in the market.

With that being said, I wouldn't be surprised if some correlation exists. Wealthier people are likely be more proud of their life achievements and carry themselves with more confidence, this probably translates into a bit of a superiority complex behind the wheel (especially when you can afford a more capable/higher performing car). I'll admit this is certainly the case with me.
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