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Originally Posted by NEfan508 View Post
I hear you but around my neck of the woods the most successful people I see (I'm a contractor) majority drive simple vehicles, Honda CRV, Subaru Outbacks or basic accords $25k'ish rides, modern but definitely not premium

I'm talking multi millionaires, they are flooded in the Boston burbs and in the villages all over Eastern Mass, highly educated highly motivated successful people don't-always buy the best they can afford

Notes: my most recent customer drives a Volvo blankety blank he's worth 10 mill easy, looks like a normal dude, you would want to have a beer with him (down to earth) and yes some look and act like aliens, try having lunch with a successful rich eccentric it's just weird

Yes: I would like a glass of water no ice please and a hamburger with 1 tomato ONLY, cooked middle rare �� I did not know if he's serious or that's the way he orders? He's paying for a $100k project so guess what I ordered the exact same lol
Interesting... perhaps they just are not into cars. I assume they spend their money elsewhere? Or just like to hoard it.

Reading your comment I think my meaning of successful was a much lower level than yours haha. I'm not multi millionaire, in fact my net worth right now is probably about minus 10 000$. But I have a good regular public service job that pays a bit more than average and a great car I love. Soon debt free and a house.

I guess I have a lot of work to do.