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Thank you for being so inviting! I will for sure be around more often. And if any of you are wondering, this hobby of mine doubles as fun and applies to the AP Art class I am taking. Photos taken contribute to my portfolio of 24 works due this coming May.

In regards to the comments so far: I do very much like the 70-200mm. Of course I have been looking to add another lens to my bag. My father (who likes researching the stuff I buy... I guess.) mentioned to me I should look at buying the 85mm 1.2L. I do fancy the low apertures for creative photography, but with having read the reviews and just the thought of the 70-200 2.8, I am leaning towards the telephoto. My concern with the 85mm prime is I would be more limited for the cost ($$$) investment compared to buying the telephoto. Seems with the research I've been doing the 70-200mm doubles as a portraiture lens with smooth bokeh @ 200mm 2.8, and as a superb all-around lens. I am thinking about selling my 24-105mm 4 IS and getting the 24-70mm 2.8L IS when I theoretically buy the 70-200mm. Would that be two good lenses to have considering the bracket of zoom each on posses? Or should I aim for investing in a smaller zoom prime lens like the 35mm and couple that with the 70-200.

Anyway like I said earlier I still do not know everything about photography. I take pictures everyday and similarly learn everyday. This thread, forum, and all y'all definitely help. So currently reflecting ideas like those stated above help me learn.

I try to not come off as a pompous douche bag who seemingly can afford expensive things at his age, but it often happens I do from people's perspectives. I thought it would be important to inform you around what age I am not so you can generalize about my lifestyle/backround, but you could get an idea of my capacity and excitement to learn. Truth is I do come from a well off family with a money backbone; however, what I claim to own and do own is in fact mine. I have worked many jobs from a early age to save for my car and now this hobby. But IF its more helpful to you my first camera (t3i) was a present from the grandparents. In regards to "coming into money," Im not sure what you mean. I put 20% of what I earn towards a savings fund, and the other 80% supports my car and camera at this point. I'm sure I do have an upper hand in my expenditures considering not owning a house, paying insurance, CPO car payments, kids, food, you get the idea. Anyway I know you guys are a great group of people, I appreciate the kind support I'll receive now and in the future! Look forward to sharing more!

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