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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Whoa! Don't judge until you've used the lens with all the tools intended to be used with it. Do your Raw conversion in Digital Photo Professional while the Digital Lens Optimization function is turned on. It'll make a HUGE difference with WA lenses. With zooms, it corrects for geometric distortion, CA, vignetting, etc. at every focal length and every aperture. With a prime, it's a piece of cake.

You can add DLO modules to LR and DxO Optics Pro comes with it included.

People using primes to get speed make sense to me, but even primes need a lot of help at wide open apertures. Zooms need as much or more help at their wide ends. Too many people are not realizing the capabilities of their lenses.
Don't get me wrong, the 24mm is a wonderful lens, but for my line of work, its not priority. I do use the DLO in LR when I need to, but the characteristics of the 24mm isn't my cup of tea

Also, when i picked up my dslr in 06, the 24-70 was my first lens (bought my 20D body only). It is great but, over the years I've developed a shooting style and a workflow that the 24-70 doesn't fit into anymore. Personally everyone has their reasons to shoot primes or zooms & im not here to tell people one is better than the other. For how I work, 24-70 ruins my rhythm
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