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Originally Posted by Fdmcg View Post
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But w/ black paint, rock chips, scratches and swirl marks are killer and just ruin the look of the car for me. I want my ride to look good for years going forward.

I live in New England and the snow, salt, and other conditions can be harsh on paint especially after several years.
Nothing will protect against rock chips or scratches. However these can be repaired by a good detailer.
Good washing and waxing techniques protect against swirl marks and will protect paint finish and keep it looking new, even with black paint. Granted this takes time and effort however if you consider it a hobby I guarantee you will like the result. Get one of those stools with wheels, it eliminates bending and makes job much easier.

Good luck.
Strongly disagree with "nothing will protect"' Of course the protection is limited to small rocks and not boulders, and scratch protection doesn't include getting t-boned at the intersection, but I'm extremely impressed with the xpel so far, including a "scuff and run" in the parking lot that I was able to polish off the xpel