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BMW sandbags their performance and engine outputs even more than Porsche. BMW engines are monsters. Its all how you want to launch the vehicle depends on their best times. I could always get a faster 0-60mph run without launch control. I dont believe these magazines do their job and experiment with each cars optimum launch method. Most just read off the factory spec sheet as they cant figure out how to activate the launch control.
For example, my wife could get a 4.2 second 0-60mph every time all day long just by mashing the go pedal on my last X5 50i M-sport. It was so dependable and effortless that it required no skill at all to get a Draggy 4.2 second. Factory spec is 4.6 with launch control.
I could get it down to 3.97 seconds (non launch control). How much gas is in the tank, what is the tire pressure, quality fuel, elevation, these are huge factors playing in the sub 4 second range.

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