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Originally Posted by LSM View Post
I don't agree about the 992. As a long time Porsche owner I like what they did with the 992. I've owned multiple 996 and 997 Turbos and now own a 992 C2S. Driving dynamics are excellent with a hugely upgraded interior. Def don't think they took out the driving dynamics just improved the interior.

My plan is to get a 992 GTS when it comes out next year or if I really go for it 992 TTS. But honestly my 992 C2S feels faster than I could use and has great steering and road feel

Love your air cooled Porsche btw beauty...

Probably get flamed but I have a Cayenne GTS Coupe that just finished production to replace the RRS (which incidentally I actually loved - not sporty but comfortable)

As jstein55 said I really don't like how BMW M'a latest batch of cars handle. They have what feels like Un sorted suspension and don't feel connected to the road and the steering is not great. Had a 2019 M5 which on paper seems to do everything so well but it just wasn't fun to drive at all. Preferred my M4 comp over it greatly. Also was fortunate enough to test drive M8 comp for 24 hours and felt same. Not sporty just a massive car that's fast.

I think they did a great job with the SUV M's massive wheel gap notwithstanding
Correct. BMW M SUVs are extremely fun vehicles to drive, especially after you add 25% hp and 30% tq.

Both M5 and M8 are great vehicles... for German autobahns. Sadly, we canít fully exploit their high speed cruiser potential in this country.