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I was going to recommend this as the Cayman GT4 is probably the best Porsche sports car providing you fit into its very small cabin. It's a ideal weekend car and leaps better than the 992 in "fun factor". The new 992 is too big and GT like compared to its initial purpose.

A fundamental truth that Porsche never lets any other car other than its 911 develop to its full potential. That is a hard pill to swallow and even Jeremy Clarkson commented that it's hard to own a particularly Porsche model knowing it will always be held back from being its greatest self unless it's a 911. It's Porsche's way of openly confirming that any car they make if it's not a 911 is a second-tier vehicle in their lineup. It is what it is if you want to play in Porsche land.

A dirty little secret you must be aware of with media reviews of Porsche vehicles in the last 10 years or so: Objectively speaking, Porsche gets a lot of "free passes" and generic praises because of their history and internal politics where other vehicle have to be genuinely good to withstand hyper criticism Porsche doesn't get put under. Items like build quality, excessive use of plastics in the cabin, etc...

I know from first hand sources: If you are in the automotive press and get too critical of a Porsche vehicle, you won't be invited to the next Porsche press release or event. They will conveniently run out a press cars, etc.. Image control is what Porsche does best and will protect it in many ways.
While I agree the 992 is very much a GT car (also think the 991 was too) they are still sharper than anything BMW makes (and the ones out are not even the top level really sharp stuff). The M2C (which may be BMWs best car) was directly pitted against the 992 in last year's best driver car from Motortrend and the 992 was, I think, unanimously selected as the best and the M2 could only muster 3rd. That compro is also one that largely ignores numbers and just gets down to brass tax on which car delivers on dynamics, fun factor and the subjective stuff.
I've owned my fair share of cars from both brands and prefer Porsches cars, though I am an M car fan and appreciate everything in the performance world (ie love American muscle too). For my though, BMW latest lineup seems to really lack suspension refinement, steering feel, and the pinpoint precision and quality that I have come to know in the Porsche lineup. I also don't like the ZF8 speed that has no personality compared to a dual clutch transmission or a good manual. Sure, BMW underrates their cars by quite a bit, but I've always enjoyed that what Porsche can do with 400 hp say. BMW needs 500-600 (ie 718 GT4 is 11 seconds faster around the Ring than the M2 CS which makes close to 500 and it's also faster than the M4 GTS and M8C) to even try to close the gap.
As far as image control, I know someone who works for BMW and he says BMW does the same and I know all manufacturers do it to some degree.
Stunning cars btw, but that air cooled one is already a collector.
I agree with you. My "only" 450hp C2S has a ring time of 7:25. That's flying and with much less HP than the bmw's

Is the 992 more comfortable and have more features than previous gens I would say yes. I still consider it a comfortable everyday sports car. Nothing in BMW's lineup feels like a Porsche and maybe that's the point nowadays at BMW M. I don't know but I much preferred the more driver / sports oriented cars Bmw M used to produce

GT car I automatically think M8, S Coupe, Bentley CGT and the like