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Originally Posted by LSM View Post
I agree with you. My "only" 450hp C2S has a ring time of 7:25. That's flying and with much less HP than the bmw's

Is the 992 more comfortable and have more features than previous gens I would say yes. I still consider it a comfortable everyday sports car. Nothing in BMW's lineup feels like a Porsche and maybe that's the point nowadays at BMW M. I don't know but I much preferred the more driver / sports oriented cars Bmw M used to produce

GT car I automatically think M8, S Coupe, Bentley CGT and the like
Right on. I just got a 718 GT4 and with only 414 hp and a manual transmission it ran 7:28. I bet 7:20-7:23 with PDK which is insane for a car with what seems to be only moderate hp these days.