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I was wondering same but these tests mirror the numbers tested by mags for reg Cayenne TT

Also they got the weight wrong Porsche claims a weight of 4900 lbs or so
If you have links, I'd love to check them out. 3.2 is starting to enter AMG GT4Dr/M5 territory - you can defy physics to a point, but not to THAT point lol...

This was from a comparison test in which the regular non "coupe" Cayenne TT was tested at 3.2 to 60. I get it though it's still an SUV and 60-130 would be worse than the performance sedans you mentioned by a lot I imagine

Again though I could see it because Porsche's claimed weight of the Cayenne TT is 4900lbs ish
Thanks for sharing. It's interesting; the Car/Driver tests show a 3.2s for the 680hp e-hybrid, which makes more sense. The MT's QM time also seems slow for the Turbo if its 0-60 is 3.2 and it has strong top end power.

A good drag race should settle the armchair debate...