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Originally Posted by LSM View Post
Agree and a couple tenths here or there, they are all very fast SUV's

The Cayenne TT with lightweight sport package is 4900lbs ish without 5000lbs ish which weighs significantly less than the Turbo S E hybrid 5700lbs which probably accounts some for the similar times.
Agreed. Let’s put this back into real world perspective. These are world class performance numbers for any performance car let alone a mid size SUV. A SUV doing under 4 seconds is a freak show of nature and a few tenths either way is dancing on a pinhead. Fast is a given so it is more about owners personal taste, comfort, and layout. There really is no “bad choice” once you are in the $100k+ range. I personally would option all of them out to the extreme as this has a way of openly showing what each company is really capable of.

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