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Skeleton watch under $10,000?

I want to add a full skeleton watch to my collection. I currently own a Montblanc and a Breitling so I got one classical and one sporty watch, so I think my collection will be complete for now if I just added a nice skeleton watch. I don't get bored easily so I think 3 will do nicely for now.

Anyway, can you recommend me a good full skeleton watch under $10,000? Most skeletons I've seen are at the extreme ends of prices... many from lower brands such as Hamilton, Oris, Epos, etc., for about $2,000 or below, or really high-end brand stuff costing tens of thousands. Ideally I'd like to spend between $5,000 to 10,000 for a skeleton watch from a reputable, established brand... anything more, I'd rather buy a car with it All suggestions will be appreciated!