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Pre workout is a scam, another form of addiction. A long time ago a tried an experiment. I tracked all my numbers while in the miserable weeks of cycling off the pre workout ( which most people donít do correctly). Anyhoo, I found that my 1RMs and heavy working sets where not that much off from my numbers using pre workout. Conclusion....I ditched the pre workout. What I replaced it with was 1000 times better...BCAAs!!!! This gave me sustained strength and endurance through out my entire training session!!! My numbers went up along with 1RMs and PRs!!! Mixed with a little Coconut water and G2 it makes a great hydration replenishing fuel source to feed your body exactly what it needs during and post workout! I swear by it and have been using it for over 10 years! If I need a little pick me up I do a few sips of 5hr Energy. So ditch the pre workout and get on the BCAA/Amino Train! The shit works!