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I have a Samsung Chromebook 3. Bought one for my sister, too. For web and email and meetings, it's perfect. Our school has a great VMware desktop system, so I just open up the VMware client and I have a fully functioning Windows 10 Enterprise desktop at my disposal. All in a sub-$300 laptop that weighs nothing. Plus, I run a Windows 10 Pro box at home and my own VPN, so if I really need a Windows interface outside the office, I fire up the VPN on the Chromebook and RDP to the Win 10 box. Otherwise I just use the native setup for email and surfing. Cheap and easy.

That said, my primary laptop is still my 13" MacBook Pro. That's what I have open in front of me almost all the time at home. It's what I use to process images with Photoshop. Both devices have their place.

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