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Key fob at car meet opens two cars

So I was at a car meet today and two cars of the same make and model parked next to each other. The two had never met but one guys' key fob was able to unlock both his car and the other guy's car, but the other guy's key fob only unlocked his car. I know you can program any keyfob to your car, but this was two people who met by chance and one of the fobs opened the other car. Maybe it's possible he accidently put his car into program mode while the other key fob was being used, as some cars just need a combination of turning on and off the ignition a couple of times to enter program mode to add a key fob. I should have thought of this and recommended to him to delete all fobs from his car and add his fob back. (He has a metal key ignition so it would not prevent him from starting and driving the car). What do you guys think?