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Originally Posted by MotoWPK View Post
With 5 weeks of inactivity coming up for my '19 40i I've been wondering about the same thing. Did not have an issue with the same time period on my F15, but I believe the G05 has a greater parasitic load when parked.

Emailed the dealership with whether they thought a trickle charger would be needed and the response was;

"From what we see, you will need to put the vehicle on a trickle charger or battery tender. Usually about the 3 week mark the car starts shutting off systems to preserve the battery."

The dealership certainly has experience with vehicles sitting around, not being driven, so I give their recommendation some weight. I expect they're being conservative, but am strongly considering procuring a trickle charger for this upcoming period of inactivity.
I live in an apartment building and there is no where to plug in in the garage. Will either leave the car for 1 month or do 1-2 remote start. I tried 3 times, when you remote start, every time the engine shutdown automatically after 15 min.