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Originally Posted by PeterPuitG View Post
What was your fuel consumption and how long was the trip?
It was a short trip, only 300km. I didn't measure the trip itself, but I currently have my total mileage 842 km, of that approx 300km on electric, average consumption is currently show at 7.4l/100km. I drive very lightly since the car is brand new ... So the 3.0L engine is quite greedy, but I expected this with 2.500kg vehicle (many times loaded with family and stuff). The electric mode makes things nicer, especially since I have solar plant on my roof at home. For my daily drives with some longer trips I do expect somewhere around 6l/100km (assuming free electricity), which is of course great for such a heavy and big car. But again, electricity saves the day, otherwise this would be a greedy car ;-)