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Originally Posted by Ramos View Post
To all of you who read this thread and did not post a tirbute, you are not worthy of being F1 fans, let alone anything to do with cars or sports in general.
Go watch the Food network or something... Major fail
What's a real F1 fan? My friends who just got into F1 (they track a lot too and are way better drivers than me) don't know anything about the sport, other than the fact that the cars cost the most money. They don't understand that if you drive a sh*tty car, your race (and probably career) was over before it started. They don't know ANYTHING about the politics or the past or any of the technical development that has gone through since the days of Farina, Fangio, and the like. They hype it up like no other... yet I don't follow the sport as much anymore (because the racing has been sh*tty for a while) and still know TONS more than they do.

Ayrton Senna was a great driver but when he ran into Prost's Ferrari in 1990 I lost all respect for him. I've heard some people think that he was crazy because he thought it was his God-given right to drive ruthlessly. And guess what - there's going to be more people who don't like him either, for the same reasons.

As a humanitarian however, not many people can do what he did.
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