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Originally Posted by ShawnBoston View Post
Looks like the patch is rolling out early. My dealer just called to indicate that the car is in Service having the patch applied.

I still need to have it shipped (I bought it 1 state over), really superb experience at BMW of Salem Oregon by the way.

I get the sense that they are very, very eager to get this done and transacted this month because things went from 0 to 100 on getting the transaction done very fast.

After talking to them, I decided not to push to 12/1 in case the incentives get much better. Instead, if that happens, I will just deal directly with BMWNA customer service. Seems like a very easy and reasonable case to make when I have a signed deal from 11/1 and the delay was not caused at POS.
Thanks for the update. I live in the SF Bay Area but own a home in Bend, Or and purchased from the the dealer in Bend. My X5MC has been at the dealer for over a week. Would be awesome to pick up before Thanksgiving - looks like that just might happen!