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Looks like the patch is rolling out early. My dealer just called to indicate that the car is in Service having the patch applied.

I still need to have it shipped (I bought it 1 state over), really superb experience at BMW of Salem Oregon by the way.

I get the sense that they are very, very eager to get this done and transacted this month because things went from 0 to 100 on getting the transaction done very fast.

After talking to them, I decided not to push to 12/1 in case the incentives get much better. Instead, if that happens, I will just deal directly with BMWNA customer service. Seems like a very easy and reasonable case to make when I have a signed deal from 11/1 and the delay was not caused at POS.
Thanks for the update. I live in the SF Bay Area but own a home in Bend, Or and purchased from the the dealer in Bend. My X5MC has been at the dealer for over a week. Would be awesome to pick up before Thanksgiving - looks like that just might happen!
Btw they washed my car in bmw and spotted some milky small spot on one of my lasers (inside of it). The bmw serviceman recommended to replace it as guarantee problem because the light costs about 5000€. So I am glad that they pay attention and hope bmw will approve that case and I will have new one.

He showed to me but I hardly seen it so I was happy.
For others, unclock your cars, check the lights when it light from more sides. If u can see some milky spot about 2x2cm2 or so you may try to solve it also. But I believe I am rare case. (Btw it has no issue during drive).

Regards BF.
Do you have a picture of this?
Hi yes, here it is.

Btw they called me that they must do the programming because of the fuel tank ventilation one more again because of another fix released. So I must go there one more time.
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