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I too asked the very same question. I ended up going for an M50I Myself.

The biggest reason I was tossing and turning between the 2 cars was actually the exterior design. The X5MC definitely looks more aggressive than the M50I. However in Australia there is a $50-55k difference between the 2 cars. I didn't feel like it was quite worth the price difference.

My full reasoning in dot points went something along the lines of:
Tired of rock hard suspension.
Didn't fully utilise or track my m3.
If I want a fast fun car an M2 or another M3 down the road will do the trick.
This is a family car.
I do a lot of daily driving, a luxury feel and softer suspension will go a lot further than the improved handling and power.

My only real disappointment is the exterior but I'll learn to deal with it.

On a related note. BMW are doing a great job at offering this sort of in between model bridging the gap between a 50I and a X5MC. It's not as sporty but it's about 75% there and it is more daily driver friendly.