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I haven’t tried this kit but did see it. If you have the M Sport brakes I wouldn’t get it though. The wheel is 18”, which won’t fit around the brakes. The solution they sell is a massive spacer that pushes the spare wheel far enough out that it won’t touch the brakes. This will require really long bolts, and will mean that the contact patch of the wheel is really far away from the wheel hub. As a casual student of physics this worries me, because it increases the chances of failure - and I fear that it could allow the joint where the hub connects to the drive axel to bend beyond spec. I may be paranoid, but I don’t get a good feeling from it.

If you do get this kit for a car with the m sport brakes, I would recommend using it only as last resort, and only at very low speed to get you directly to the nearest garage or tire shop.

Just my 2 cents.