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Originally Posted by TheWatchGuy View Post
If you knew football, youd say Romo in this era of the game. Aikman was a worse passer than Dak fyi. Winning is a team sport. It's not all on the QB. Romo had a shit defense and oline for the majority of his career. Thats not on him. Fun fact, hes the only qb in NFL HISTORY to pass for 500yds and 5tds and lose a game. And FWIW, Dak is the 2nd winningest QB since entering the league behind Tom Brady, so he wins the winning argument as well. If Aikman was currently up for an extension with his passing stats through 3 seasons, people would be shitting on him much more than they do Dak. He didnt even make the playoffs till his 3rd season, and had a 14-24 record.

Dak is 1-2 in the playoffs also. Rookie season, lost to Packers despite scoring 31pts... The defense shit the bed and Dak was the only reason we even had a shot at the end. His other playoff loss was to the Rams this last year, and again, the defense shit the bed allowing over 200yds rushing. And again, Dak was the only reason we were even in the game.

The needs help argument is a shit argument as well. When rodgers has a bad year, everyone goes "well he had no one to throw to" or "he had no hb" or "His oline was shit". But when Dak does good its "He has a good wr" or "He has a good hb" or "he has a good oline". There is only 1 qb in the league that consistently does more with less, and that is the GOAT Tom Brady. Everyone else in the league needs things around them to succeed, because again, its a team sport.

Now is he worth 40mill? No, and those reports that he asked for 40mill were said to be false by both his camp and cowboys camp. But this is where we are with journalism these days. However, the rate for a starting qb is currently at 30mill + per season. Wentz signed for 32/yr, Dak will get around that number as well. And in 2-3 years after a majority of the QBs in the league have gotten new deals, that 32-35/yr will look like a steal.
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