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Originally Posted by ted920 View Post
I'm in New England and my water is shut off for Winter.
Where do you all wash your cars?
I'm leery of auto wash places, even touchless, as I've heard their wash is not high quality and bad for ceramic coated vehicles. My X5 also has full PPF so I have that concern as well. My ride is getting a bit dirty and needs a wash soon.l
In Wisconsin here - I hear ya, the struggle is real. I ordinarily would always hand wash and detail my cars but winter definitely presents a problem. I do take my car through a good quality touchless car wash but only when it's been snowing and my car is covered in salt. I do this mainly for the underbody flush. Otherwise I use AMMO NYC's waterless wash system which I can't say enough good things about. I'll honestly use this in the warm months as well if I'm in a hurry it's so good. Video here: