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My closest such experience is selling Teslas for a year around the time the Model S launched. Those were exciting times and the company was trading in the $20s. Obviously nothing like working at an actual dealership. There were fellow college students working there hoping to make the jump into corporate either in the sales or engineering side, and many of them did. However this was a unique experience and really has nothing in common with working for a traditional dealership.

I'll echo what one of the other posters said. Cars are my biggest hobby but I never viewed them as a career. Watching my father be an automotive engineer and be underappreciated, earning so-so money, and always worried about being laid off drove my to an entirely different profession. My time at Tesla was really just to boost my resume so I could enter grad school for a high earning profession and actually be able to afford my dream cars. I'm only a few years out of college but that would be my greatest advice: let cars remain a hobby. Working for BMW sounds fun, but it should be temporary and as a stepping stone to something else.
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