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I thought this post is an interesting reading. I work for an automotive components supplier, and I can tell you that doesn't matter where you are you are in the automotive industry, you are under stress and relative low salaries / benefits. The environment is just too competitive, margins are low, and there is this constant battle for cost savings, efficiency, tight schedules... and everything must be ready for launch on time.
It is stress all the way for all professionals all levels. Constantly proving yourself, demonstrating competency, and the concern to not be laid off. So my friends... automotive is not really the best place for good pack of salaries and benefits anymore.
I see the stress on me and with my team, I see the stress in the eyes of my customers (auto makers engineers), the pressure to make more with less. For sure it will not be any different for the sales teams and dealers... it is the nature of automotive beast.
And by the way... cars are getting more and more electric and self driving. The new generations are loosing interest in driving and cars, soon people will seat and the self-driven car will take where you need to go... Future will tell... quite boring in my view.

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