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Long ago in the last century, I worked for a BMW dealership as a summer job to help pay for grad school. It was the same store where my parents bought their 3 and 5 Series, so they knew me and that I was a bit of an enthusiast. Made great money in one summer. It was also interesting to be on "the other side" for a while and listen to how the long-term sales people thought and handled customers. The following year, I worked at a Porsche-Audi dealership in the city where I actually attended grad school, and made a bundle that year with Audi 4000 and 5000s. Not many Porsches, although the few test drives were fun. The sales manager kept for himself a blue 928 which he would take to lunch and bring back drunk. Saw a lot of openly dishonest behaviors in that store, even minor things, such as lying about a certain paint color being hard to match if a repair would ever be needed simply because we didn't have one in stock. But, sold a lot of new cars and had a lot of fun doing it. They asked me to drop out of school and work full time. That was not going to happen.

Went on to build a career at another vehicle manufacturer HQ in Michigan for almost 25 years before early retiring. Came out of a boring retirement to work for a Tier 1 auto industry supplier. This stuff gets in the blood and never leaves!

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