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Originally Posted by dorifto88 View Post
any feedback?
yes id like to know about your experience with fanatec too. i want to know if the stuff i ordered is actually going to get here before i leave for vacation.

i did a bit of research into the fanatec wheels when i was shopping for my dad's xmas present. they're a tiny company so they have some less than perfect customer service/tech support, which makes you sweat a little when you are paypal transferring large amounts of cash to a company based in germany. they got a pretty bad rep on forums for that, but when i emailed them they got back to me within 24 hours (with the vague shipping estimation of late december) and all the negative forum reviews usually end in fanatec coming through. i also read that logitech/turn10 isn't much better either. On the other hand, since they're small you also have alot of cool stuff that you cant get with the G series wheels like customizable pedal colors, paddle shifters, pedal responsiveness and even ABS force feedback brake pedal (which gt5 doesn't currently support, but that might matter for pc gamers). and at $350, the gt3 rs clubsport edition is also very competitive in price as well.

the gt3 rs v2 clubsport edition which includes:
- gt3 rs wheel v2
- sequential shifter
- 6 speed H shifter
- aluminum clubsport pedals

also to complete the setup, i added:
- orange pedal kit
- pedal tuning kit
- rennsport stand v2

if everything gets here with enough time to test it out and let you guys know whats up, before i leave for vacation. but judging by the reviews that ive read, even with the shitty customer service/tech support and all the problems, this setup is in a different league than the g27. if youre looking for next gen stuff, you kinda just have to live with it.

edit: just saw the gt5 wheel. gonna have to live with fanatec till the thrustmaster drops. but even if that was available right now i would still stick with the fanatec (my dad sold his 997 when he moved to HK. he is gonna flip when i bring his old piloti's that he left in the states with all that sick porsche gear) germans make better cars therefore must also make better steering wheels and pedals

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