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Originally Posted by TINY BMW View Post
I do wonder how the wear on the engine goes over time. As the presenter said, you're going uphill, car needs power, engine kicks in and you're asking a LOT of power of a cold engine.
There's probably a lot of management done to avoid putting too much strain on an engine while it's still cold. The gas engine has been detuned (<300hp) probably to improve mileage but also probably reduces strain. I'm assuming it also uses a very low viscosity oil.

Also, don't forget that modern engines need very little warm up time before they can be gently driven. You're supposed to start driving right away (20-30 seconds) so it warms up more quickly. Warming up an engine at idle actually increases warm up time and wear.

You did describe a worst case scenario of driving uphill, but remember that the engine and electric motor can work together. It's not one or the other. So I'm sure the car is smart enough to be able to limit power. The driver obviously also has a responsibility to be mindful of this. It's probably a fairly uncommon scenario and maybe a drawback of the PHEV design, but there are obviously huge benefits that offset them.