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Originally Posted by James_G0530d View Post
It doesn't surprise me the quad-turbo is on the way out.

The standard 30d with its single-turbo is so under-engineered, all they need to do is some tuning re-maps and they can lift it from 195kW (265HP) to 240kW (322HP) without any serious effort.

Some guys on the Forum's here have done the aftermarket tune or external plug-in tune on the 30d and have got some awesome results - so I think BMW have just woken up to this and will do it themselves.

If anyone wants more than 240kW/322HP, then go to a Petrol/Hybrid 40i/50i.

For me, my next model will be a Hydrogen Fuel cell - assuming BMW stick to their plans. My current 30d gets over 1,100km on a tank and sorry I cant stand this niggling crap about counting and being worried about sub 100 kilometres on a battery charge.
So imagine the same tune on the 50d.

I can easily have 460hp and 880Nm with 400€ investment.

U have to compare stock vs stock.
There is a huge difference.

30d is set up for economic driving and to not struggle with the weight.

50d was set up for performance.

I just took a long trip with mine M50d
I did 1900km in 15h30min temperature set to 21°C, an average of 122km/h and I spent 210€ in Diesel with an full loaded X5.
All this reaching multiple times 200km/h and I did France (from switzerland to Spain) always over 160km/h. So I'm very very satisfied with performance and economy of this engine.

Sad to see this engine go away, just thinking they may bring some solution like the 40d mild hybrid. Till then, goodbye M50d.