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Works just fine with me
It works more or less as discribed....

[empty box] Switch off the car after opening the door

The car is automatically switched off after opening the door when there is no person in the car

So after ONLY opening the door, the car stays ON. (Steering wheel does not move up and A/C stays ON) As soon as you unbuckle than the car switches OFF.
I tried this in P and in D. In D you hear the parking brake activating.

This means you can drive with the door open. (You will get a warning).

Maybe this function is intended for old fashion close to curb parking.

Discussion point, should the word ‘person’ be replaced by the word driver.

Is this the way I like it to be? No, I would also like it that the car stays ON when I get out. I do understand the safety in this.
BMW X5 45e X-line