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Originally Posted by Dylan86 View Post
Yea the 5.5 is sweet! Where we live we have some of the best Mtn biking, however no ski lift for summer use, so we pedal, a lot, to get the fun downhill stuff. We are best off with 5-6 of travel, here, and this bike fit the bill. I rarely have to lock it out in the rear when climbing on this bike, unless Im doing the seven summits trail or something along those lines, with a 1+ hour climb. To get the weight down I used Light Bicycle 27.5 rims with DT Swiss spokes. Tubeless tire setup, Carbon RF cranks and handlebar, all that Jazz lol
I was in Boulder last weekend and demoed the 5.5 and the new 5LR (Lunch Ride) The 5LR is the SB5 with SB6 suspension components. So it's a touch more slack and has 10mm more travel in the fork. I spent more time on the 5.5 which was great. Had no problem pedaling it up hill. But once i started pedaling the 5LR.... damn. That bike seems perfect for what i want. Climbs great, playful, flickable, light weight, (27lb stock) but when i take it to Pisgah and DuPont it's got very capable suspension to soak up the rough stuff.

Also made it by Yeti HQ for a quick tour of the new showroom and facility. Even got to see the employee's SB5 LR prototype tinker bikes. Good times!

The trails out back of Yeti HQ are fairly steep requiring a capable climber but rather rowdy requiring plush and capable suspension. The techs prefer to climb on the SB5 but descend on the SB6. Boom! New model born for 2018.
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