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How pathetic. Yea I would say they are lazy not even investigating it. It’s almost like they are being dismissive and that’s when I show how much of a pia I can be by getting the service manager and dealership manager in for a group meeting. I then had to reiterate my expectations when purchasing a vehicle.
I have only had to do this years ago when my vehicle was damaged during a oil change. The mechanic said prove my wheels were not damaged when I brought it in. Huge mistake, epic. Heads did role and after that only the service manager was authorized to address any of my service appointments. This was at a Jeep/Ram dealership.

My current BMW service center can’t do enough and even made sure all the latest firmware was truly the latest version when I had my first oil change in Dec knowing I was taking it on a long Florida road trip.

I would talk to the service manager and even place a call to BMW and see if you should just live with a “odor” when such a priority in cabin environment is addressed by BMW that they offers a fragrance dispenser. It would seem counterintuitive for a owner with a BMW of this level to just “live with” a foul odor. Use the exact words when you call BMW that you feel the service dept is being “dismissive to my concerns”. That is a customer service trigger word to get their attention.

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So when I brought it in this morning for service, I told my advisor the “symptoms” eg. ammonia smell upon cold start. The first thing he says is “I don’t think we’re gonna be able to help you with that” so immediately I’m annoyed and say what do you mean? There’s clearly a smell and it’s not normal to smell like that so you HAVE to do something for me, and let’s just let the mechanic see if he can figure it out. I feel like they’re being completely lazy, and I usually have received very good service at this location, with the same advisor mostly. When I mentioned it needed a software update he told me it’s up to date (which it’s definitely not) and that the car gets it automatically over the air. I argued both of those statements with him as well and told him to have it updated. He said he’ll look into it and let me know, hopefully it doesn’t take too long to diagnose.

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