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Originally Posted by MystroX5 View Post
Moisture is common in the Northeast from the temp changes. Driving it more dissipates it but your always are going get minute amounts of condensation. New cars sitting on the lot gets this. Itís unavoidable. Whatís the airflow like where the car is stored?
I store cars all winter long for the last 30 years. Battery tender and stabile in a full tank of gas is about all a car needs for a few months of rest. That has nothing to do with the odor.
I have it in my garage, its not heated or anything, very cold since its been freezing here for the past 2 months. When the weather warms up a bit I usually leave the windows open in the garage to get some air flow but other than that, all doors closed. Iím kind of annoyed since the SA first words yesterday was that they wouldnít be able to do anything for me for the issue, and they didnít lol. Makes me wonder if they really tried investigating it thoroughly