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Originally Posted by Never_Enough View Post
Not sure how insurance in MA works, but here if you have insurance, it covers your new car while you're driving it. Especially when I put the car on my insurance before I go pick it up. You can't do that? Just fib & say you just picked it up earlier the day you call. Have em email you the ID card.
You cannot add insurance without the title and bill of sale. Simply calling and saying add insurance to this Vin is not an option. If you call the big out of state companies like Geico and progressive and say add insurance they will tell u that you are all set but in fact you are not under mass law. I had a friend do that then get into an accident and he paid it all out of pocket. The only way you could do this is if the previous owner keeps it registered to them with their plate and you drive it home then send them back their plate. After that you cannot drive it until you bring the title and bill of sale to your insurance then they give you the rmv1 form to bring to the DMV to register it.