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Originally Posted by $iriu$black View Post
Hey eatsleepboost,

Thanks for the detailed reply, appreciate it and definitely answered a lot. So transporting it is the way to go? What do you think about a direct transporter like Intercity? They said they're not brokers and quoted me $1295 for the car. Am not sure if that's covered or not (it's an old car, probably does not matter if it's open). Maybe you can hook me up w your buddy!

I agree with everyone here saying that MA laws suck for this kind of situation.

What do you think about the "trust" factor with me sending payment if all is well with the car (the car has a somewhat well documented history on forums so I kind of know the history, though of course a test drive and visual definitely trumps that- the PPI is trust enough for this)? I'm just afraid the seller might run with my money and the car. Any ideas on how to mitigate that risk?

I also agree w you that yeah with all the hassle of flying back and forth, tolls, renting a trailer and of course TIME spent driving the trailer and NOT the car, going there is just a waste. Add to that the registration issues, forget it.

Again I appreciate the lengthy reply and it did help a lot w my queries and confirmed my frustration with current MA laws in this regard.
Pm me if you want my help using my buddies company to broker your ship. I actually have 2 friends that are part of the company. I co-owner and a manager.

Yes I would ship unless you have access to truck trailer and have time to do the drive. That price seems extremely high. I got my car shipped from PA 10 hours away for 350$ cash on delivery. Add in broker fee u should be closer to 500$ unless prices have went way up in the past year. They do fluctuate but your quote is extremely high regardless. 600$ should be a number you are looking for I would think. Open trailer ship is fine. Especially this time of year with no salt on the roads and it's not a new car.

For me the trust factor was eliminated by my credit union. I did take a loan on the car so now the car is basically theirs, the check gets sent out and if it gets cashed and then you don't receive car or title the bank is the one who goes after them since they are essentially the owner of the vehicle. Check with you local bank or I recommend credit union. There should be a way they will cover you.

Correct. I think ship is the way to go unless you absolutely want to see the car. Being in Massachusetts we really get screwed trying to buy used vehicles out of state. No matter how you slice it it's a hastle.

Glad I could help. Post here or pm me and I can continue to provide my .02