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Ugh. I know all that I need to know which is that I hate the seats in this car. Love the seats in my F86. I guess I'll be shopping the Cayenne Turbo and GLE 63 coupe when my F86 lease is up in 2.5 years.
You never drove it so I don't know how you can hate the seats :

I like the way it looks comfort is something I can't judge by the picture.

This will be by far better SAV then the F86 in any category.
It has the same seats as the M5 and the x3m/x4m has similar version of the seats. I was contemplating an M5 comp and the seats turned me off (I am now waiting to see the m8 comp seats, but the seats in the launch m8 convertible have given me hope that I'll like the m8). Visually, I can tell that the x5m/x6m have the M5's seats. I was hoping the x5m/x6m would have individualized seats like the F85/F86.....
Seats on M8 competition are very similar to the F90
I almost took it home a month ago
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