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1st shake-down camping trip in the Delica this past weekend with the wife and our 2 dogs. All things considered it went really well. Learned a bunch. Need to buy some additional/different gear (of course!). Biggest issue was the temp inside the van when we wanted to go to bed. Got up to 90 during the day. By 11:00 PM it was still above 80. AC in the van is busted so that's on the list to get fixed but even if it were operational, I don't want to be the guy at the campground idling his diesel engine to power his AC. Considering a solar array to charge up the deep cycle 12VDC batteries that start the van so that we can also use them to power some fans with the van is off. Just some airflow would help a ton. Or, maybe some sort of super small window mount AC unit that we can run off 110 and we limit our August camping to sites that have electrical hook-ups.

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