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Originally Posted by ZStig View Post
Thanks for the detailed feedback. The watch is $1250, not $10k. I think for a 500 unit watch, thats a great deal I couldn't find reviews when I searched, I'll look again.

I see what you mean about the design being sharp edged, and I think the one I posted is much better finished than their earlier models.
Reviews....not of that specific watch, but of others by the same company. I think it'll tell you what you need to know. It's unlikely, given that RH is a very small company, that the themes the authors discuss would cease to apply to their current model(s). If you really want one of their watches, contact them and speak directly with them about your concerns/questions.

I'm sure you'll be able to glean whether they are folks from whom you want to buy the watch or not and you can take it from there....ETA inside means the watch will work. Quite frankly, I'm shocked they are able to obtain current ETA movements seeing as ETA is cutting back on movement distribution to vast numbers of companies.

About "limited edition"
There's "limited edition" and then there's "limited edition." That term on the face of things is positive thing most of the time, but there are times when it's meaningless from a collector's standpoint. From the standpoint of one who wants to buy one, be they a collector or not, it always means the same thing: there are only so many being made, so you either get one before they are gone, or you don't.

From the standpoint of the collector however there are several meanings, and one must make certain which ones apply.
  • Limited edition: It can mean the maker is small and buys the raw materials in bulk and once that supply of materials is exhausted, they don't anticipate sufficient demand beyond the quantity of the initial edition to make another bulk purchase of raw materials. This is most common with project watches such as RH''s watches, MKII's watches, and any number of other companies that essentially make project watches rather than having a regular production line that cranks out watches in accordance with demand.

    Another driver to this sort of limited production is economic profit, insofar as any monopolistic competitor (i.e., anyone selling a branded product) sees demand, supply and cost curves that define the point whereat producing one more unit will not yield additional economic profit; therefore, they won't produce that additional unit because to do so would be unprofitable. This trait of monopolistic competition is very evident with small producers.
  • Limited edition: It can mean that the maker is limiting the production quantity because the effort and time required to produce the piece place too much of a drain on their productive capacity (human, equipment, space, whatever) and would compromise production of their bread and butter pieces.
  • Limited edition: It can mean that there are external factors that make continually producing the item makes no sense. This is the type of thing one sees with what I call "special editions" of regularly produced watches, such as Omega's 2010 Olympic commemorative watches.
I say the above not to squelch your pleasure at buying a limited edition watch. It is still a limited edition and ultimately carries with it some of the benefits of being one. By the same token, the term has more meaning when the limit is the result of the second bullet than either of the other two. FWIW, limited editions of 25 or fewer are generally meaningful as goes the long term value of the watch. More than that has no value to the vast majority of collectors, but there will sooner or later be one to whom it means the world.

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