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Proposed garage addition - any thoughts?

We hired an interior designer to help us with some projects we would like to do, one of which is to add a double garage to the house, without it looking like an obvious add on.

Currently, we have a two car garage, but the doors are not wide (wouldn't be able to fit a pickup in there if I ever wanted one) nor is the length there. And one of the garage bays is full anyways with lawn tractor, snow blower, bicycles and kid we really only have one garage. So I park outside.

I doubt the PDF will go through, so you may have to click the link

I've circled the addition on the second page. On the first page, it is more or less the highlighted items except those that say existing.

Basically, we'd be turning the garage bay we currently use for lawnmowers into a mudroom and a laundry room, with a wall in between. And our existing laundry room would then be converted into a full bathroom.

With a new two car garage with an entry from the house.

Any thoughts on the plans - see any flaws? The one thing my wife really wants is the mudroom, so we are going back to the designer and get them to redraw that part by taking space from the laundry room and putting it in the mudroom instead, just shifting the wall to make the mudroom larger and laundry smaller.

I don't plan on doing any wrenching in the garage, it is really storage, anyone built a garage and have some must have's or wishes that I should take into account. I would probably just have the garage either unfinished, or put a few sheets of drywall up. I doubt I'd insulate unless absolutely need to given its attached to the house.
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