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Baby Pix: Ceramic-coated MSport Home from Detailer - Photo Gallery

Given the bad weather, short days and flat light of November in Chicago, hard to find ideal conditions for photographing our new X5. But here it is, more of less right from the detailer, the day before it goes into daily driver service.

40i MSport Mineral White over Black Vernasca with 4KT Anthracite-Brown Matte Poplar trim, 740M 20" wheels, and most all of the goodies. Had Modesta ceramic coating applied to the full exterior (paint corrected), and CarPro CQuartz protection applied to interior leather and fabrics.

These are totally unedited photos. No post-production color or other correction, cropping, etc. Normally I would do those things, but I have no time. (I'll leave the highly-produced visual fantasies to BMW marketers; here's what one of these looks like in real life.)

Enjoy the eye candy. Zero calories.

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And finally... the money shot: (ok, so this one I brightened up just a smidgeon)

Name:  DSC08578.jpg
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