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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Like the LC coupe, it's a great looking car that is woefully behind the market in the engine/powertrain department. And other Lexus models are no better in that area.

Still no firm details on when the oft-rumored Toyota turbocharged V8 will see the light of day, and no turbo V6 or N/A V8 hybrid drivetrain that would put this and other high end Lexus vehicles in the performance conversation.

If they don't intend to compete in performance - fine - that is reasonable if they can generate sales without that. But then why introduce things like the new RC "Track Edition"? Ok, to be fair Autoblog seems to think the V8 will be tweaked to 100hp/L:

I am not so sure. Even if so, that's still going to put it way behind the top AMG and M models.
I'm eagerly awaiting a proper F version too

and it's in development atm