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Originally Posted by usshelena725 View Post
Hey now, I told you I was biased and as such, didn't hold a rational opinion! LOL.

1) Kimi is my second favorite F1 driver of all time, right behind M.S. - so be kind to him.

2) I now officially hate you due to the fact you know Coulthard. My father was a professional race driver for nearly 25 years and the only drivers I ever met through him were the IMSA drivers John Paul Jr. and Hurley Haywood.
I fell in love with racing in general and F1 in the mid to late eighties. So Senna will always be all time favorite F1 driver. It’s hard not to like MS though as well.

For NASCAR it will always be Dale Earnhardt and for the older Indy Car series it is Unser Jr for me.

The only driver I got to meet was AJ Foyt through a friend at Indy a couple of years ago. He was quite the character and that was a surreal 1/2 hour.

Sorry for the , but thanks for the trip down memory lane.
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