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I can definitely feel where the OP is coming from. Having 2 BMW's with aftermarket warranties, I have spent close to $25,000 in repairs in the past 2 years with Princeton BMW and MT Laurel BMW in NJ. I do almost all my own work on my cars but I bought the AM warranties to curve mostly parts prices. I can tell you that BMW mechanics really don't know what they are doing. I have had repairs done only to have to return because they were not done correctly. Even had my V8 X5 at the dealer for more than 6 months because the A/C compressor they installed would not work, they eventually called someone from Germany to help fix it. My latest issue was my oil filter housing started leaking on my e92 335i after they replaced the gaskets less than a year ago. They actually tried to charge me $1000 to repair it again lmao. Luckily the parts warranty from BMW is 2 years plus I had complained about all the issues I've had in the past so they replaced it again for free. Its a shame I still see oil near the oil filter housing. I have really been contemplating not getting another BMW after owning 6 consecutive BMWs. So I feel where the OP is coming from.