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Originally Posted by MashinBenzin View Post
Yes, we have both M40i and M40d X3s and we did have the F15 X5 50i.

M550d never made it to RHD in either F10 or G30 models.

M140i and M240i both very mainstream here.

I think the M550d is the main exception due to engineering difficulties.

Given they sold the F15 50i here, and a major swing towards petrol, I'd be surprised if the M50i doesn't appear at some point. Plenty of V8 RRS examples are on the road, there is a market for V8 petrols at this price level where fuel economy becomes less sensitive.
I didn't realize both were sold there, it must be great having those options! I'd get the M50d if one was offered here, but the US isn't very German Diesel friendly..
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