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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
2) The independent doesn't offer a loaner car and this is super important to me, as I like to drop it off in the morning, take a loaner to work, and then return on the way home to pick it up.
This is true. It definitely does depend on region I would imagine. The loaner deal is really big, luckily I have a 428i I can use when my car is in the shop. Plus it is fun getting a brand new F30 with 1,000 miles to play around with for a couple of days. The miss who owns the 428i got a 135i convertible loaner a couple years back, scratched my head on that one for sure. Was fun to drive though!

I think for me, I know the mechanics better at the Indy, have discussions with them. They really know their stuff and they don't do anything shady or overcharge. They are pretty much like all of us who post on the forums here, just guys who love the cars and know them well. It's nice when I hand the keys over to a group of guys who I trust. Having to wait and sit down, then have to talk to some service adviser who tries to charge me $190 for an air filter change just puts a bad taste in my mouth. Plus I would rather my money go into a small business rather than a dealership. Just personal preference I reckon.
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