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Originally Posted by DanG View Post
My dealership has excellent service. I have never had a problem with them. I have been using BMW Seattle for more than ten years.
+1 I have been going to BMW Seattle since 2003 and to the very same SA too.

Now Back to OP:

If you have having all of these issues with dealers, take your car to an indy!

Leased car, lease return all of that stuff is a myth! You DO NOT need to service a leased car at a dealer what-so-ever!

Go to your beloved indy ans stop worrying about all of this non-sense that you are experiencing.

PS: Do you have experience with others???? There are some other brands I would never consider simply due to dealer experience! BMW has been very good to me so far after many many vehicles. .......Having said that, I kinda know what I am doing too when car goes in for service, especially when at my own expense.
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