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Originally Posted by TXSchnee View Post
I was just thinking the same thing... Part of why I am waiting to decide on an X5 was whether the power bump that was rumored for the 50i was real. When I test drove one, and talked to my SA, he stated that all he knew was that the M50i would be more of an appearance package, with no power bump, but people on here, and Bimmerfest seem convinced there will be the upgraded V8 for the 2020 model... (that said, the V8 power is still plenty good currently)
I think it would be in the dealership's best interest to downplay any rumors of an upcoming car and to try to sell you the car they have on their lot. My local dealer played dumb when I asked them about the M50i and tried very hard to put me in a xDrive50i. To be fair though, there is nothing official out there from BMW on the M50i as far as I know, and seeing that it's not mentioned in this press release, hopefully we'll see something by the Fall and not have to wait another full model year.