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Originally Posted by Miko M View Post
Originally Posted by r33_RGSport View Post
Hmm, same muffler exit location as G05.
Not as centered as the previous generation.
I love the location to be closer to the center.
It looks more aggressive to me.
First time I saw it on E46 M3 and it just looks fantastic.

Like the location on mine E70 much better then on F16
The F16 was a huge improvement in performance and specially the interior
I super agree with that. Former colleague of mine who is a car enthusiast and a bit of a design freak (& does not own a BMW) told me that BMW M cars have that PERFECT distance between the exhaust and placed more in the middle. It is very unique, very BMW like. Of course M cars will continue to look great but the exhaust looked WAY better for me on the older models.

It is highly unlikely I will buy a X5M. I had a chance to do it three years ago and in the end (to-date) spent exactlt the same on mods and extras on the regular X5 (excluding fuel costs which are for sure more with the M).

On another topic (actually the real thread) these seats in a similar form could make it to the Msport X5 as is the case with X3 Msport which (if I am not wrong) can get X3M shape seats as an option soon?
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