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2020 X5 Performance Center Delivery and BBQ Road Trip

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Posting here to share my X5 Performance Center Delivery and BBQ Road Trip Writeup.

First some basics: The car was ordered on 7/22 and delivered on 8/29.

Full spec: 2020 G05 X5 40i - 5 seater
  • M-sport trim
  • Convenience pkg (Included with M-sport)
  • Premium Pkg
  • Arctic Grey
  • Coffee Extended Leather
  • Matte Poplar Trim
  • 20" M-sport standard wheels (740M)
  • M-sport brakes
  • Space Saver Spare
  • Comfort Seating pkg.
  • F&R Heated seats and front armrests/console
  • Drivers assist Professional
  • Park assist pkg.
  • Harmon Kardon audio
  • Extended shadowline trim
  • Leather dash
  • Alcantara headliner in anthracite

This trip covered over 1,000 miles and included BMWs, BBQs, Porsche, Harley, and some minor road-damage (BOOO!). Oh well, it’s only a car.

I thank you for your patience if you decide to sink your time into a full read – and apologize in advance as I can be wordy. My writing style can be love it or hate it – if you’re in the entertained camp, I’d point you to my European Delivery trip report from 4.5 years back. That full report ended up being very detailed, much more car focused than this one (And less BBQ!), and also represents close to 40 hours of my time invested on it.

A few niggles to write home about:
  • After 4 days my digital keycard stopped working.
  • On day 2 the entire iDrive went kaput with ‘No Signal’ until I could reboot it. Which BMW 100% should allow while the car is in motion. It’s a bad look to have your navi go dead while on a highway at 75 in the mountains with spotty cell service, and quite unfamiliar with the area.
  • Passenger seat massage makes a weird muted pop near the top of the backrest after it’s been on for 15-20+ minutes. After 1 or 2 of these pops, it seems to go away.
  • My garage door opener doesn’t want to easily link with the mirror buttons – will have to use the learn button on the actual opener housing I think, but I'll need to move the fun car out first to access it. Will get to that eventually.
  • I did have my carplay go out for about 10 seconds on the ride home yesterday. First time and didn’t happen today – hopefully that’s a one off.

The final review is: The G05 X5 is one hell of a total package. I don’t think anything in the segment comes close to providing the polished finished product as we are getting in a mildly to well equipped G05. The smaller engine option, the 40i, is more than enough to move this car without strain. A super smooth combination of engine and gearbox that never makes its presence known – I’m very very happy with it so far.

2020 X5 PCD Trip Report

F80 M3 Euro Delivery Trip Report (This one is a long 3 parter, better get comfortable before settling in to read it)

Thanks again for your time! Enjoy those Bimmers!

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ED Recap
Arctic Grey G05 - Spartanburg 8-29-2019
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